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Integrated water management

AquaKraft has developed an integrated water quantity & quality management innovation, AQUAS. This innovation is a result of 11 years of learnings & experience of over 4000 villages across India.


  • > 11 years
  • >4000 Villages surveyed
  • >500 Million Liters water harvested
  • >500 Million Liters water treated
  • >Million miles traversed across India advocating sustainability

AQUAS focuses on mitigating the risks associated with depletion of ground water leading to no access to water and contaminants of heavy metals posing a serious Public Health Risk


Rainwater Harvesting Ground Water Recharging River / Pond Desilting


Green & Sustainable Technology Modular multi contaminant solutions Only alternate to RO

R & D

Innovate alternate green and energy efficient solutions for Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Develop iOT’s for monitoring & evaluation