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Water Is Future.
Water Is Sustainability.

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Water Crisis

80 % of India receives its drinking water from the ground. Rampant drilling of borewells have depleted the ground water levels to dramatic proportions. Resultantly many parts of India have an endemic problem of Fluoride & Arsenic contamination in ground water. Active use of pesticides have further contaminated the ground water with Nitrates, Iron & Manganese. Most affected fluoride states include Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Orissa, Bihar , Gujarat & Jharkhand Affected states include Bihar, West Bengal , Chhattisgarh, and the Northeast States. These heavy metals pose a serious Public Health Risk with Fluoride leading to Fluorosis & Arsenic leading to Cancer

What We Do


Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is the collection and storage of rain, rather than allowing it to run off.

Ground Water Recharge

In alluvial areas where permeable rocks are exposed on the land surface or are located at very shallow depth.


School Bio Toilets

Bio-toilets in rural areas and schools that reduce diseases and help students to stay away from disease...

Community Bio Toilets

Bio-Digester is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes Human Excretory .....

Public Clinic

Araike Life

A public Health Movement to Augment healthcare Infrastructure in india...

Gully Clinic

A Community Health Centre That Provides A Holistic Space For Interaction ..

Our Initiatives

Jal pe Charcha

JAL PE CHARCHA is an advocacy & call to action platform by AquaKraft, where people can come together and collectively address the burgeoning issue of water scarcity, contamination and management and talk about challenges and problems in, on and around water…


QUENCH 66 is AquaKraft s mission to provide 50 Million Litres of Drinking Water across 500 schools by installing ONE Clean Drinking Water System and to Water…

Our Journey So Far

Our exemplary efforts yielded significant achievements that aided in the next step in the water democratisation process.



Million Litres of Water Saved




Million Liters of water 
Harvested & Treated



AquaKraft has developed an integrated water quantity & quality management innovation, AQUAS. This innovation is a result of 11 years of learnings & experience of over 4000 villages across India.


Rainwater Harvesting Ground Water Recharging River / Pond Desilting


Green & Sustainable Technology Modular multi contaminant solutions Only alternate to RO

R & D

Innovate alternate green and energy efficient solutions for Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Develop iOT’s for monitoring & evaluation

Our Socio Economic


Innovation driven technology to offer sustainable water treatments across
all available market segments in India.

B2B & B2C

Water Solution Providers, Urban Community, Existing Products With Ro Technology, Home Filtration Systems


Drinking Water System At Villages, Communities, Schools, Primary Health Care Centers, Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Markets, Hospitals.


Water Stewardship Projects, Sustainability, Esg & Csr

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