JAL PE CHARCHA is an advocacy & call to action platform by AquaKraft, where people can come together and collectively address the burgeoning issue of water scarcity, contamination and management and talk about challenges and problems in, on and around water. It is a discussion platform being built around the thought of people from all across the country being able to converse on and about water issues in their regions and on the mission of educating the masses about clean drinking water and sanitation solutions and aid in arresting the spread of diseases and making this basic human right a reality with dignity.

Through this initiative, we expect to reach out to atleast 500 Householdsand collectively save 1 Million Litres of water over a period of 30 Days by asking them to innovate, as well as practice simple water conservation practices daily, and permanently make them a part of their lifestyles.

Jal Pe Charcha

Conceive. Converse. Conserve. #Challenge

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    Tell us about yourself, your family and your house. Register Now!

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    Before You Begin

    Help us undertstand the context of your water consumption habits.

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    Innovate. Conserve. Consistently.

    Take the challenge head on and conserve water over time. Keep telling us about your 'whats' and 'hows', and together, we'll #SaveAMillionLitres.

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    22nd March

    Let us dig through all our evaluations in pursuit of those who conserved water in the most innovative ways.

The Objective. Water Positivity. True Sustainability.


Identifying and mapping water related needs of the entire country, and spreading awareness about basic sanitation.

Share & Implement

Enabling everyone to share their knowledge and experiences in the domain and direct them towards the creation and implementation of effective, holistic and integrated strategies in support of climate change mitigation and holistic hygiene.


Accelerate all efforts towards solving water related issues including increased water caused disasters, depleting natural resources and contamination.

Drive PANIndia.