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Sometime in 2002, a close friend of mine Dr. Vulimiri Jagdish, former Senior Public Health Specialist from the World Bank introduced me to Dr. Timothy Badger from Boston, USA who had patents in Water Filtration technologies. Dr. Badger was very passionate about doing work in India and wanted a partner. This inspired me immensely and this is when I left a successful corporate career and started Aquakraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., in July 2010 with a focus to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to one and all.

Rampant drilling of borewells have depleted the ground water levels to dramatic proportions and resultantly many parts of India have an endemic problem of Fluoride & Arsenic contamination in ground water. 80 % of India receives its drinking water from the ground and these contaminations poses a serious health risk. The striking feature of our technology that addressed these contaminants in a green way is that it does not require power, which is one of the critical components of sustainable water treatment solutions. Unlike Reverse Osmosis, it does not waste any water and treats 100% of the water and also there is no sludge. Also it did not require much maintenance.

Today, Aquakraft has expanded and treated over 1 million litres of water in 4000 villages in the past 12 years and strives to build technology to that embraces and values water more than anything.


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