Over 163 million Indians lacking access to clean drinking water and nearly 600 million facing high to extreme water stress, urgent measures are needed to address the water scarcity crisis in India. 

AquaKraft Group Ventures, is a water sustainability and impact group, focused on providing actionable solutions on ground in the area of drinking water and sanitation.



11+ Billion litres


36+ Billion litres


135+ Trillion litres

Saved & Harvested


Drinking Water Technology

Aquakraft’s drinking water treatment technology is designed to purify water effectively while keeping it healthy. It works by using natural processes to remove heavy metals and harmful bacteria, making the water safe to drink.

Sewage Treatment / Recycling

Our sewage treatment system relies on the constructed Geo Soil Filter (GSF), a green engineering innovation for managing wastewater. Based on biogeochemical conversion processes, the GSF taps into nature’s core reactions—like respiration, photosynthesis, and mineral weathering.

Bio Toilets

Our bio-toilets feature an advanced bio digester that’s QRO certified, ensuring top-notch eco-friendliness. Serving as an upgraded septic tank for sewage water, it’s a game-changer. Here’s why: Using special Bioculture and Enzymes, it transforms fecal matter and urine into clean, odorless water.

Sustainability Advocacy