Sewage Treatment / Recycling

Our sewage treatment system relies on the constructed Geo Soil Filter (GSF), a green engineering innovation for managing wastewater. Based on biogeochemical conversion processes, the GSF taps into nature’s core reactions—like respiration, photosynthesis, and mineral weathering.

In a controlled geological setting, a blend of micro and macro organisms collaborates to purify water, guaranteeing efficient and eco-friendly treatment that stands the test of time. With an impressive 98% water recovery rate, the output is thoroughly disinfected and suitable for all non-potable applications without requiring secondary or tertiary treatment.

Our Revolutionary Sewage Treatment / Recycling

Low Maintenance

Requires very low maintenance and operating expenditure, making it a cost-effective solution


Works on gravity, making it cost-effective and sustainable for communities of all sizes.

Chemical-free process

Ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater management.

No Sludge

The treatment process operates without emitting any sludge, ensuring a clean and green solution.