Bio Toilets

Our bio-toilets feature an advanced bio digester that’s QRO certified, ensuring top-notch eco-friendliness. Serving as an upgraded septic tank for sewage water, it’s a game-changer. Here’s why: Using special Bioculture and Enzymes, it transforms fecal matter and urine into clean, odorless water. The magic? This biodigester decomposes sludge in just 10 hours, preventing the settling of waste.

Plus, it’s space-efficient, needing less tank volume compared to traditional septic tanks. Also, bioculture and Enzymes are added only once, with no need for further topping up. It’s simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly—a win-win for everyone.

Our Bio Toilet Innovation

No Maintenance

Ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater management.

No Electricity Required

Our technology is environmentally friendly because it uses no electricity for treatment.